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I spent many years raising awareness of the pain of living with eczema, I was in one of the first series of Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies when I was a teenager, talking about how this condition can affect us mentally and physically.  I have represented the UK abroad at EFA (European Federation of Asthma and Allergy) youth conferences, looking to make a difference to those dealing with allergies and allergic conditions.  I have spoken to GP's at NHS training days to give them the patients perspective of living with this condition.  I was also a trustee with the National Eczema Society in the UK for 12 years. 

After experiencing numerous health complications growing up and finding answers via many different natural therapies I want to share this information to stop others experiencing the same issues as they grow up.  You can read about this in my first blog post

I'm passionate about teaching people how to listen to their own body, so many of us take our bodies for granted until something goes wrong.  Then we try to intervene without the knowledge or understanding of why it is behaving that way.  As the health care system moves ever closer to the crisis point, I want to be part of the movement helping people to take back control of their health.  

My Mum has spoken of the desperation of just wanting to do what was best for me, to stop the pain I was going through and the difficulty of seeing me in agony when using the treatments which were supposed to help.  I want to ensure that parents feel empowered which is why I now specialise in coaching and teaching others who want to take control of their eczema and break free from the shackles of the cream routines!  

Many parents have spoken to me about the horror and trauma about seeing their child in such pain and discomfort when they are trying out different creams and treatment options which are supposed to help.  When I was a kid I felt that no one understood my feelings with regards to all the treatments, it was just one cream after another and there was no way to know how painful it was going to be.  I know this experience has shaped my thoughts as an adult and now as a Naturopath I want to take people on a journey, so that both parents and kids can see how things can be better.  

Everyone is unique and we are all on our own path to find what works for us health wise, my aim is to get you to that destination quicker!  

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