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Join the free Facebook Community...

Join the closed Facebook community to kick-start your learning.  The group is set up as an educational space with content handily grouped into units for you.  So if you want to learn about breastfeeding when your little one has eczema, formula feeding or you feel like digging into genetics there will be a video for you.  

Rebecca creates regular training on different topics, if you are keen to learn then this is the place to start! 

TOP TIP: Remember to answer the questions on requesting entry to the group to ensure you get accepted.  

Book A Call With Rebecca Bonneteau N.D.

Excited to start your journey to take control of eczema?  Want to confirm that membership is going to be the right thing for you and your family?  This call gives you chance to share your story with Rebecca, she will then be able to suggest some initial steps for you to take to start your journey and explain how she can support you as you carve your new path.


Rebecca offers a number free 45 minute video calls each week. Just click below and complete the simple enquiry form and you will be sent a link to book in for your free call. 


Of course if you are ready to jump right in, there is no need to wait to speak with Rebecca.  Jump straight ahead to step 3 and join the community and let Rebecca start helping you right away.

Join the Eczema Evolution Membership...

No need to wait to speak to Rebecca to start your evolution...You can get started today by clicking the link below and signing up.  As a member here is what you will receive: 

  • Access to the Eczema Evolution Secret Facebook Group - join the growing community of clients who are all learning how to take control of eczema.  Content is shared daily and this group is the 24/7 support clients need on this journey.

  • Eczema Evolution Programme - Rebecca designed this as a step by step programme to help you take control of eczema. The content is drip fed over a 12 week period to avoid overwhelm.  

  • Weekly Q&A sessions - Have questions about the content you are learning?  You have the option to pose your questions to Rebecca each week and she jumps in to answer your questions via a Facebook live video in the secret Facebook Group.   

  • Monthly clinic session with Rebecca Bonneteau N.D. - Rebecca gets to do what she does best, the analysis for you! All you do is complete your health questionnaires and Rebecca will tell you where you and your family need to focus.  These sessions are your chance to get 1-2-1 help with your family and you can treat them like mini monthly checkups.

  • Option to book 1-2-1 sessions with Rebecca or get her to do a full iridology health analysis for you and your family.  

How to Start your Journey...

 "I want to teach you to be The Eczema Expert in your home.  Check out the ways I can help you achieve a life of feeling in control of the uncontrollable" 

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