The Summer School Concept

The Eczema Expert Summer School 2020 is a live online event, held over the months of June, July & August 2020.  As it is not very "Naturopathic" to be sat in front of a computer screen for hours on end, instead of running a condensed event over a few days, we decided to stretch it out so you can more easily commit to 1 or 2 hours each week depending on the courses you want to attend.  

Our desire is to teach and share health information with as many as possible so that they know that it is possible to let go of dis-ease if they choose to.  Rebecca was told over and over again as a child that her condition had no cure and she would have to "just live with it".  Her thought back then was "well perhaps it's just that no one has found a cure yet..." with true child like innocence, we question until we understand.  Fast forward a few decades and Rebecca is challenging the current understanding of eczema and seeing results.  

She wanted to share her knowledge not just about Eczema but also bring together other experts in complementary fields.  Summer School is designed to be a way for people to start the learning process and empower them to take responsibility for their own health.   It can be daunting to take this first step but with Rebecca and her Team to guide you, you will be in safe hands.  

Is Summer School For You?

Classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to support their health and wellbeing in a more natural way. Rebecca started her journey to disentangle her reliance on medication over 8 years ago, having realised that she could not live comfortably in her body without relying on drugs like antihistamines, steroid creams etc.  She went back to school to learn how her body worked and was able to piece together her health history, and therefore understand what she needed to do to support her body to get back on the road to health and therefore independence.  

The events around the world at the start of 2020 made many people become more aware of their health or lack of it, as people could no longer guarantee to get medication when they needed it.  This is exactly the scenario that Rebecca used to motivate her to make the changes in her life.  Now having achieved what she deems "true freedom" from all medication she now helps others identify their underlying weaknesses and teaches them the ways we can strengthen those naturally.  

We have courses specifically for Eczema, and general courses. 

The courses offered in this summer school are aimed at those who want to start their journey.  It's up to you how far you jump in!  We have individual 1 hour taster sessions all the way through to 12 week courses.  What you commit to is up to you. 

Class Setup

  • Long Courses

    We are running two 12 Weeks courses to help you start putting your health puzzle together. Choose Eczema Evolution Live if you are specifically dealing with Eczema. Choose Evolve Your Health if you are dealing with any other health condition.

  • Toolkit Courses

    These courses are between 6-8 sessions long, each one focuses on a different tool for your natural health care toolkit. These are not eczema focused but are about teaching you how these remedies support the body.

  • Single Sessions

    These are 1 hour session offered by other presenters, they are taster sessions or short courses to introduce you to a particular subject. A perfect "trial size" if you want to learn a bit more before digging in deeper.

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Pay From The Heart

Donate what you can based on the value we deliver to you.

The Summer School is bought to you by The Eczema Expert, and is a pay from the heart event. Meaning we have not set a fee for attending classes. Instead we encourage you to donate whatever you feel based on the value you receive. Many people are currently in difficult financial situations due to the COVID-19 virus response worldwide and so by offering this payment structure we ensure that everyone can access this information regardless of financial situation.
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Summer School Opens In:

Not long now until The Eczema Experts opens the Summer School 2020, be sure to book your places on the courses you wish to attend.

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