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Rebecca Bonneteau N.D.

"The Eczema Expert"

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Giving Parents the Support they Deserve

Hiya, I'm Rebecca Bonneteau N.D., I was born with chronic eczema, however I haven't let this rule my life!  

"I know you just want to make it all better for them"

You wonder if it will ever end? 

What did you do to deserve this? 

What did they do to deserve this?

When will you finally be able to sleep through the night again? 

You are torn between anger and sadness when you hear the scratching...

"I want to give young kids and parents hope" 

I have managed to take control of my eczema and retrained as a Naturopath to enable me to help parents like you.  It can be a lonely, desperate place and my mission is to empower kids and their parents to take control.  


"No one has ever been able to tell me the things Rebecca has from ACROSS THE WORLD!!!"

L Novak, USA

Working with Rebecca has been a breath of fresh air in my foggy, sleepless world of dealing with children with eczema.  I have an 18 and almost 4 year old that have had eczema since a few months old (and one child with perfect skin).  Through countless hours... days... weeks of my life spent researching and going to doctor and specialist appointments, no one has ever been able to tell me the things Rebecca has from ACCROSS THE WORLD!!!  Doctors have always just thrown different medicines my way and treated the symptoms.  Even after traveling many hours to meet with a nutritionist/allergist combo for a 3 hour appointment, I left with only steroid and antihistamine recommendations and was told not to worry about anything with her diet.  With Rebecca, after only completing a family history, 3 day food journal, and just one, 1 hour coaching call, she was able to show me the breakdown of her nutrients and show where she may be lacking or having too much and explained why all of this has started in the first place. She is making a living out of her passion and it truly shows!  She isn't trying to sell us anything and she is not judging any decisions we have made.  Vaccinated or unvaccinated, steroids or no steroids, Rebecca's motto is "no worries", we can deal with and reverse the effects of anything!

Rebecca was the answer to my prayers!  She makes eczema make sense and helps us to see why each individual would experience different symptoms and find help in different ways.  Fighting the eczema battle has been daunting and Rebecca has helped me feel HOPEFUL and completely changed my whole families mindset.  She helped me to feel in control of what seemed to be uncontrollable! I no longer feel the need or guilt to buy into the latest thing someone is trying to sell me and am truly understanding the science behind chronic inflammation!  I am forever grateful for finding Rebecca!

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My Mission

"My mission is to ensure every child with eczema grows up feeling that they are in control"


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