Eczema Retreats

Take a break to learn how to take control of eczema the natural way.

The Eczema Expert has created these retreats for anyone who is wanting to take control of eczema naturally. In just 3 days The Eczema Expert will help you turn around your mindset and head home with a plan to free yourself from the stress of this condition. These retreats are for you if you are a parent of a little one struggling with eczema or TSW or are dealing with eczema or TSW yourself. Download the brochures for more information of each retreat and check out FAQ section below. Questions? Contact us at
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3 days, filled with personal support, protocol building, education, relaxation and fun.

Florida 20th - 22nd June 2020

3 Days of Eczema Expert Hands on Help

This retreat is for anyone who wants to get a live download from The Eczema Expert. Three days of different classes for you to enjoy and you will leave the retreat with the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you! Due to the educational nature of this retreat, this will be for adults only. Each day we will focus on one of the topics of the retreat, Mind, Body & Spirit.


  • Are these events suitable for children?

    Childcare is not available at the retreats unfortunately. There is always the option to book an "event only" ticket, and arrange your own accommodation and childcare so that you can attend the day events. Child friendly retreats will be arranged in the future but this is not an option currently.

  • What will we learn at these events?

    What won't you learn! These events give you all access to Rebecca and she loves talking about natural ways to support our bodies! You will be leaving the events with an individual detailed protocol for you/your family based on health info shared with Rebecca. You will also head home with new cooking skills, including recipes for meals created at the events. Not only this but new knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils and Dr Morse Herbal Remedies so that you are in a position to adjust your protocol as time passes. This is a retreat for those who want to learn how to be in control of this condition, you will be taught what you need to know to achieve this.

  • I can't leave my child, they need me, how can I get help like this?

    Rebecca works with parents of children with eczema and understands that this is a common fear that pops up. No one can look after your child like you can, however remember as the parent making time to step away, learn and replenish your energy is priceless. You will be heading back home in a much more positive frame of mind, a plan of how to move forward, and the support to know you are doing the right thing. Sometimes we have to step away to see the bigger picture and Rebecca knows that taking control of a child's eczema starts with a parent who feels in control.

Previous Retreat Attendees Stories

How the retreats can change lives...

“When it seemed like we would be resigned to a life of torture, I crossed paths with Rebecca. Never would I have imagined that just over a year later life would be manageable again. We could do things as a family. We could go to friends and family gatherings without a reaction or hours of scratching. I left my family for the very first time EVER to go the Florida retreat. Although I have been working with Rebecca for a while now, I didn't realize how much more I would get from doing this. I thought I was going in order to help her to help other moms, but really this was an emotional breakthrough that I needed to have happen. It was also very comforting to be around other mothers who could share and support one another. I can't emphasize enough the importance of addressing any emotional barriers (in ALL household members) that are present in order for true healing to continue!!! Rebecca addresses the entire family unit, not just the child who is suffering. As we know, eczema affects everyone in the household. These retreats are a must for us Eczema Moms! I have found it is so important to step away from the situation and take time for oneself in order to have the energy and clarity to move forward. I can't even find the words to explain the gratitude that I have for this moment right now. (In fact, I still have lingering Mombie brain, so writing this is a struggle 😂) I am so thankful to have found someone who has validated my feelings and my instincts about the path I wanted to take to heal my children. I never thought that I would make such a great friend in this journey. I am so indebted to you, Rebecca. You have completely changed our lives for the better and I am honored to work with you and to call you my friend. I will always cherish this time spent. Cheers to the many lives you have touched and continue to change for the better and cheers to reminding me of my own purpose.”

Shannon R

“Last summer, I was introduced to Rebecca’s Facebook page by another eczema mother. The information and videos Rebecca posted really resonated with me- it was profound, yet so logical. When I saw a post for Rebecca’s upcoming eczema retreat, I jumped at the opportunity to attend. Rebecca was everything I thought she would be- warm, smart, empathetic and funny. Aside from gaining a massive amount of knowledge on eczema and its cause, we were able to have valuable one-on-one time with Rebecca. The retreat was different than attending a class or seminar, as we ate meals, practiced yoga, visited beach and simply hung out together. Being with Rebecca in such a way was truly priceless because the conversation on health and healing never stopped. The time also allowed for me to take a much needed break from the “eczema grind”. It was so wonderful to have the camaraderie of Rebecca and the other moms that attended. We shared stories, tears, tips and support. It was truly needed at that time in my life. Since the retreat, my son and I have come so far (yes, Rebecca is healing me too!). Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude for Rebecca. She has given us back health, freedom, happiness, peace and “normalcy”. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Rebecca! I am very much am looking forward to next year’s eczema retreat and I hope you can join me! ”

Saia P