Starr’s Story: Taking Back Control

Having a child with severe eczema can be emotionally draining, as Starr Wilson knows only too well. She spent four years taking her son Max to the doctors, dieticians and dermatologists, with no improvement. Max didn’t want people to see his skin and he had low self-esteem. It affected life for the whole family: Starr was exhausted and overwhelmed, and she had no quality time with her husband and two other children.

“Max was constantly scratching himself. The bedsheets would stick to his skin and I had to peel them off, which reopened his wounds. We were prescribed different creams and emollients, but nothing worked.

“We started using topical steroids when Max was six months old. I felt uncomfortable using the medication on a baby, but you take the lead from doctors. His skin improved for a few months, but then his body got used to the steroids and his eczema flared up again. The doctors prescribed a higher dosage, and we kept repeating the cycle.

 “As he got older, Max would cry and beg me to ‘change his skin’. It was heartbreaking. I was crying on the inside, and I didn’t know where to turn for help. When he started school, I was worried that other kids would laugh and point.

“I was tired. Everything felt like a battle. Looking back, I was probably depressed. I was running around picking up prescriptions, calling the health insurance company in between working, washing clothes and looking after my other children. It was draining. We had no time as a family.

“I learned about the side effects of long-term steroid use and decided we needed to stop using them. I didn’t know how bad the withdrawal process would be, so I stopped the medication completely, rather than tapering it. Max’s skin went crazy: it was red and oozy. He was pale, feeling cold and withdrew into himself. Watching your child suffer in this way is horrific.  

“I questioned what we were doing. Family, friends and the school all said they were concerned about Max. I heard about Rebecca’s programme and contacted her to explain what was happening. She was reassuring and told me not to worry, and that she could help me take back control.

“Under Rebecca’s guidance, we gave Max herbal tinctures and removed diary and gluten from his diet. She explained that we needed to let Max’s body heal naturally. It’s only been a few months into the programme and his eczema has improved so much. His skin is soft, and he is the happiest little boy. 

“We’re now having fun, together as a family, and I feel like I’m a better parent to my other children as I’m not tired and irritated. We can also get babysitters, so my husband and I can go on date nights.”

Since joining Rebecca’s programme, Starr and her family are in a much better place. 

Rebecca says: “By helping Starr to understand what was going on in Max’s body, the whole family is able to manage his eczema, rather than the condition controlling them. Starr is amazing: the way she has stepped up and made time to learn how to help her family is an inspiration.”

"Rebecca’s approach to eczema is unique"

"Rebecca’s approach to eczema is unique and different to the very many natural or medical views we have used. Her realistic approach has allowed us to make small changes over time and these have made a noticeable difference to our sons eczema.

She is also a pleasure to work with, gives you quick responses and her positive and calm approach is much appreciated when you are concerned about your child’s health. I would highly recommend Rebecca."