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The Eczema Expert

Giving parents the support they need and deserve while learning to take control of eczema naturally.

A Practitioner who Understands

Rebecca Bonneteau N.D is a practitioner who understands the trauma of living with chronic eczema, as she was born with it.

  • You just want to make it all better for them...

  • You wonder if it will ever end? 

  • What did you do to deserve this? 

  • What did they do to deserve this?

  • When will you finally be able to sleep through the night again? 

You are torn between anger and sadness when you hear the scratching...

"I want to give young kids and parents hope.  I have managed to take control of my eczema and on my quest to improve my health have eliminated numerous other symptoms.  I knew the only way to resolve my issues was to go back to school and so I trained as a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Herbalist.  With what I learnt along the way I knew I had to use my knowledge to help others in similar circumstances  It can be a lonely, desperate place and parents often feel alone because no one truly sees the torture a family goes through on a daily basis trying to control the itch.  I wanted to create a haven for families to learn, and get the support they need to truly live free of the shackles of eczema" 

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The Community

We are a community of members supporting one another as we move away from the reliance on medication to suppress eczema symptoms.  My vision is, first and foremost, to support and educate parents who are trying to get to the root of their child's eczema.  However I welcome anyone who wants to educate themselves to improve their health and move away from medication!

The path to taking control of eczema is not a short one, making support the number one thing you need on this journey. Myself and the community aim to deliver this in bucket loads!


My priority was to set up a network of parents who all wanted to learn and support one another.  As a practitioner, I can’t be there to hold each member’s hand each day, though I wish I could, so the community I have created is at the centre of my work. Members who are further along this journey are now giving hope to the newer members, it’s beautiful to see when a dream becomes reality.

I believe that everyone should be responsible for their own health and I am here to help those who want that to be their reality.  Sign up to get access to our FREE ECZEMA EVOLUTION: THE BASICS program today to discover if this is the right place for you.  

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How I help

I support members by helping them understand how the body works at a deeper level.  Understanding that we can't just address the skin in isolation is the key to taking control.  I have created educational courses you can go through at your own pace to learn and apply this knowledge for you own family. 


You also have the choice of requesting 1-2-1 support from me, where I will bring together my experience of growing up with eczema and my studies in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, and Spirituality, Detoxification and Iridology in Florida, USA with Robert Morse, N.D.  I do the analysis and piece together the puzzle for you to save you time and this enables you to understand where to put your focus right away so you are able to support your family to make the changes required to truly address the root of the problem for yourself.  

The root of the problem is slightly different for everyone, so while there are a number of elements in common for many there is no one approach that will fix the eczema for all.  Sorry to break that to you but this is why I educate you so you know what you are doing and why!

Members of the community enjoy access to all the self study educational courses free of charge.  All I ask is that if you find that my content has helped you then you consider making a donation to support my work.  

The 3 pillars of support

I support members to take control of eczema by using the 3 pillar approach, most people just focus on topical support, I not only help with the internal root of the problem but critically the emotional support.  In our experience without all three in play taking control can seem impossible, and often is.

Emotional Support

Hardly anyone addresses this pillar, and yet it is the most important of them all if we truly want to take control. I recognise that living with eczema in the family is a trauma for every family member. I support you to release those emotions and let them go!

Topical Support

​When the skin is broken it's important that we work to support it's repair, to prevent infections for example. I show you how to choose remedies to topically soothe the skin at each stage of the healing cycle, because we all know one cream doesn't work the whole time!​

Internal Support

​This pillar is addressing the deeper root, I help show you how you can use diet, herbs, and other remedies to address the underlying issues. I empower you by teaching you why you are making these changes so that you learn and can apply this knowledge to other situations.

3 Pillars of Support

What our community members want you to know...

Finally the support I desperately needed

"My 7 year old son has had eczema since he was a baby which we treated with traditional dermatology. In spring of 2018 he got really bad. After following advice from more “experts”, things only got worse. We have been taking a natural approach since then with good results, but really wasted time and money till we got to Rebecca.   We are just starting the journey with her, but love her deep expertise in just working with kids, here integrated approach including mindset and family is key. The depth of experience is so enlightened and comforting. I highly recommend this course and partnering with Rebecca if you want to crack the nut of your or your child’s eczema."

by Stephanie Brown, Portugal

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