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Want to Take Control of Eczema? You Need to Unplug from the Matrix!

Want to know the key to taking control of eczema?!?

It's pretty simple need to unplug from the matrix...

That's right you need to be willing to take the red pill, to go down the rabbit hole, to learn the truth...

I love this movie and it really resonated with me when I was a child, I watched it and it just made sense. For me it wasn't science fiction it was and is science fact.

No, i'm not saying we are physically plugged in but you can't help but draw some comparisons to our current lives especially when it comes to dealing with chronic health conditions.

We are programmed to be scared of our own bodies, scared to do anything for fear of hurting ourselves, scared to try anything that hasn't been "scientifically proven" because if it's not scientifically proven how can it work?

Well if it works, it works. Why do we need scientific proof for everything, what did we do before we had the scientific proof? We guessed and tried things and some worked and some didn't and we just got on with it. This was the start of scientific research, everything starts somewhere!

Now though it seems we have lost our intuition. People no longer hear the inner voice telling them what to do. They blindly trust others rather than try and listen to their own inner voice. Research is great but we have to remember that no one know's everything, and especially for chronic conditions we have to think outside the box.

So many times I have heard people say "I shouldn't have listened, I knew doing X wasn't the right thing to do...why didn't I listen to myself?"

You see, we need to look at eczema from a different angle, not just an attempt to manage the symptoms. We need to start to understand how our body functions.

It's pretty unfair actually, we are born into a body with no detailed instruction manual! I have had to figure out for myself that my stomach acid levels aren't adequate to digest most foods, and that my liver is a bit sluggish!

Now I know this I can adapt my lifestyle to address these issues, once I did that my skin started to improve no end. Now I don't need the steroids, no question about it, I have none in the house.

I only managed this because I took the red pill, I chose to learn about how the body works, I chose to take responsibility for my own health, I chose not to listen when I was told it won't get any better and you will always have chronic eczema.

So if you want to break free from the matrix, take the red pill, ask questions, listen to your inner voice, start to understand your body because only then will help you get to the root of the problem which is what you need to do to take control.

If it's your child with eczema then know you are doing this for them, teach them that they can control the eczema, they don't have to grow up feeling that the eczema controls them.

About the Author

Rebecca Bonneteau ND runs coaching and training courses for parents of children with eczema, she helps them learn how to take control. Join her free facebook group to be kept up to date with free videos each weekday.

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