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Time for a re-education

by Rebecca Bonneteau

As I sat wondering what to write to share with my community recently, I was led to evaluate my re-education through the last 10 years and marvel at the journey taken. For any of you who are starting out, when you see others further ahead, it’s natural to wish you were already there with their knowledge and faith in natural healing. It can feel like you will never get there, like healing will take forever and it’s easy to just give up and go back to quick fixes. I remember when I first set foot in the classroom for my nutrition course back in 2012, our lecturer was so knowledgeable about the body. She didn’t use any medication for her or her family and could answer any question thrown at her. I remember thinking my goodness, how long must it take to answer questions with confidence and get to her level of knowledge. Will I ever get there? How on earth will I be able to learn and remember all this and apply it to myself?

Back then my focus was on fixing myself. My health for the first 30 years of my life had not been great, and I got to a point where I knew I had to do something different otherwise I would continue to have my health state dictate my daily life. I had so many restrictions in place for what I could and couldn’t cope with physically that it was getting crazy.

We are programmed to believe that there is nothing we can do, that symptoms and conditions happen to us by chance, and the western medical world gives us a label and we carry that round, for some, like a badge of honour. I didn’t realise how much I held on to my diagnosis that I had received until I started to take steps to free myself from its grips.

Let me get this one sentence out now…there is no disease, only symptoms of a deeper internal struggle by the body. A symptom is not your body going wrong, it’s your body doing right by you. Address the root as the body is asking and the symptoms go away. It really is that simple…all symptoms are your body talking to you, trying to communicate what is wrong and where it needs support. The problem is that we have lost the knowledge and logic to think for ourselves, to think critically and not just suppress the symptoms.

The more I sat in class and listened to the lecturer, the more I was amazed at all the things we aren’t taught about our bodies. We all need to re-educate ourselves to truly understand how our bodies actually work and how we should support them so we grow older with grace and ease, rather than pain and acceptance of multiple pills being “normal”.

For your children it’s about you learning how to support them to grow healthy and strong while allowing their bodies to detox what is needed. They have their whole lives ahead of them so the principle of short term pain for long term gain is how we should see it. If you understand symptoms and how to support the body through a healing crisis, you will be helping your child come out of it stronger rather than weaker. The amount of suppression medication given to children regularly is alarming. Many parents don’t think twice about giving paracetamol based medication (calpol is the common one in the UK). Overuse of this drug will create digestive issues and I have heard many parents talk about how they use this drug to help their children sleep! Quick fixes for children really aren’t the long term answer. Ask any parent who has taken the steroid, immunosuppressant, biologic path for their child. These never work. They can improve the symptoms but they never fix the issue and more commonly create more issues for the individual further down the line. It’s a sad reality that we live in a world where only these suppression methods are offered unless you are willing to do the hard work, re-educate yourself and make more informed choices.

With this being said I would like to invite you to join me online for some re-education! Over the next few months I will be running online sessions designed to help you understand how to address symptoms in a natural way to avoid the need for pharmaceutical medicine. These sessions will help you understand natural products that you may want to get hold of to add to your natural toolkit at home. They aren’t necessarily eczema related and we invite you to let us know some topics you think would be good to be covered in the coming months.

To get us started we will take a look at how to manage fevers in infants, children and adults.

Dates and times:

Fever Management for Infants & Toddlers: Tuesday 6th December 4pm GMT

Fever Management for Children & Adults: Thursday 15th December 5pm GMT


No cost for joining us live to any member, but as ever any donations gratefully received.

To book your spot, click here:

These sessions will be recorded and are open to all members to book to attend live. If you are not currently a member and would like to come along, click here to join my free membership:

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