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Initial Health Analysis

How we help you get to the root of the problem...

What is a Health Analysis?

We offer a health analysis for anyone who wants to speed up their journey to taking control of eczema naturally.  Rebecca combines her experience of healing her own eczema with her training as a Nutritionist, Naturopath, Herbalist and Iridologist to do the investigation and interpretation work for you.  Requesting a health analysis will allow you to quickly understand where the root of the issue is for you and you will get on the path to improvements with personal recommendations of natural remedies, and support with how to navigate slowly reducing reliance on those topical/oral/biologic medications. 

We always explain to people that this journey is not linear, it is a bit of a roller coaster and because of this if you choose to work with us to get a health analysis you will also receive 3 months of unlimited live support calls to ensure you are able to get the support you need and get your questions answered.   

We regularly assess and update how we work to ensure we are able to support as many people as possible.  If you have any questions about working together we suggest you join the free membership and join us on a free group discovery call or book a 1-2-1 discovery call or you can email Lauren ( to find out more.

*last updated February 2023

What's included in the Health Analysis?

We are able to offer a health analysis for adults and children with eczema.  Depending on if you are an adult or child will depend on who we will need information from.    


Signing up for your child?

If you are signing up for your child and they are under the age of 16 then please note that we will request the health information of both parents (and iris images if you can't get them for your child) this allows us to see more information relating to the child and get a deeper understanding of the genetic predispositions that may be contributing to the issues.  Profiles will be created for each family member in this instance.

Signing up for yourself? 

On requesting this service you will need to respond to some questionnaires and also carefully take images of your eyes and submit this information on your personal account. 


All the submitted information will all be reviewed by Rebecca and she will create the following for you:

A Personalised Iridology Summary

As Rebecca completes the iridology analysis she records her notes, this is uploaded to your account to review to get a deeper understanding of what your eyes are telling you. 

A Personalised Health Summary

As Rebecca reviews your health questionnaire she records her notes, this is uploaded to your account to review to get a deeper understanding of what your symptom patterns are telling you. This combined with the iridology summary will help Rebecca explain the root of the problem for you.  

A Personalised Heath Analysis Guide

This written analysis guide will accompany your verbal explanations and gives you iris images to truly understand what you are looking at in the eyes along with guidance as to how to support your long term health with different natural remedies

A Personalised Protocol

The protocol is created after your initial consultation with Rebecca and once you have agreed a plan that you are happy with.  The protocol covers the remedies and possibly dietary and lifestyle changes that may need to be made to help you start to take control of the eczema.  

In addition to all this you will get live online support as follows:

A 45 minute 1-2-1 Call with Rebecca

This is a call designed to discuss the analysis that has been performed and for you to ask any clarifying questions you may have.  You are invited to book this call once you have received your Health Analysis Guide. 

A 30 minute follow up 1-2-1 Call with Rebecca

This is the follow up call to check in 6-8 weeks after your initial 45 minute call.  We use this time to see how you are progressing, review any protocol changes that may be needed as well as agree on the support needed going forward.

Unlimited Access to All Live Support Calls

We have live support calls running each week (see details below), these calls are run by Rebecca and other team members and will cover different types of support.  You will have unlimited access to join what you feel will be of benefit for 3 months starting from when your health analysis is completed.  

Access to all the Educational Content

To support your learning you will also get access to all the educational courses described on the self guided membership page for the 3 months.  You can extend this access after the initial 3 months by selecting one of the ongoing support options, which start at £20/$25 per year.     

Live Support Calls

Our live support is delivered using zoom, and all calls are booked through your account either online or via the app (free to download).  Live calls available will change weekly and we send updates each week to your account as to what is running that week so you can secure your place.  

Group Support Calls - Run by Rebecca. These calls are a cross between a questions and answers session and a group coaching call.  They are designed to get you the answers and support you want but also allow you to have emotional support during your journey.

Community Support Calls - These calls are run by a member of the Eczema Expert Team, and are a time to check in with others all on the same journey so you can share your stories and give support to one another.  A vital part of you feeling like you are on the right track because it can be slow going at the beginning!

Group Tapping Calls - These calls are highly important!  You will join a small group to work through the trauma of dealing with eczema either for yourself or for your child.  This is a side of the journey to healing that is not generally acknowledged, but parents of children with eczema are often traumatised by what they have experienced.  Tapping helps them release that trauma so they can move forward calmly.  Adults with eczema also hold on to trauma and it is essential that we are able to release this and disassociate ourselves with the eczema.  

Family Tapping Calls - These calls are highly important if you are here for your child with eczema!  If your child is of an age where they can communicate then join these sessions to help them learn how tapping can help them get through itch attacks and how it can help them process complex emotions.  These sessions are also great for siblings of children with eczema, they often feel left out as parents have to put more focus on the child with eczema.

Healing Crisis Management Calls - These calls cover different types of healing responses the body may present with, they also cover how you can support them naturally.  Examples include: managing skin infections, fevers, coughs etc.  All these calls are recorded and available on replay if you miss them as they are essential for your journey.   

Case Study Calls - Join Rebecca as she reviews member cases and explains how symptoms are linked. These classes are designed to help you learn about how herbs can help address the root of the problem, you can ask questions to expand your knowledge.  You have the option of submitting your health information for these classes too join as a free member to start your application process.  

Request your Initial Health Analysis Today


GBP £450 or USD $525 
(Payment plans available)

What our community members want you to know...

Not easy but worth it

We started at 5 mo and my son was on steroids. While working with Rebecca we have been able to taper and get to completely stop when I follow her Instructions. It's not an overnight process and you have to work at it but knowing you are returning the body to balance and get off all meds is just amazing to watch. At 10mo old he is happy, sleeping, not itching and is 95% healed  She knows her stuff!

by Caroline Coffaro, USA

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