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Free Membership

What is included in Free Membership

In today's world it can be hard to share the kind of information we do.  Simply put the health industry have a vested interest in keeping people in a state of dependency on their products i.e. sick.  My belief is that anyone can change their health should they choose to educate themselves and take ownership.  I also believe that no one should be constantly needing to take medication or nutritional supplements given the right support for their body (some extreme exceptions will apply here of course!). 


I have set up as a private membership club to ensure a space where all members can speak freely without fear.  The free membership is run on a private platform, and you will have access to all the benefits listed once you activate your account.  I do have a facebook group, however this is not where I will give the most support, due to continued restrictions of social media platforms for natural health groups.  

The educational content is really the foundation of what I do, I give you access to all my educational content.  On top of this you gain access to the online community chat, held on a private platform, which you can access via an app or on your computer.  This allows you to connect with others in the community, share stories, ask questions and generally feel part of a community of like minded souls all trying to achieve the same goal...taking control of eczema naturally.

What's Included?

All the online programs are included in this free membership. It's there for you to access whenever you need, because I can't be on hand to answer those questions in the middle of the night!  I have done my best to organise the content into courses that you can go through at your leisure.  Access to the content is through your account either online (through the "member portal" link in the menu above or via the mobile app (free to download).  

The programs are categorised below and you can click through to learn more about what is included in each course should you wish.  The categories are:

  • Emotional Support courses which are there to help you understand how and why you can't just address this as a physical condition.

  • Eczema Education courses which are helping you understand more about what is going on in your body and get to the root for yourself

  • Toolkit Courses which all feature different natural remedies that you can fill your home remedy toolkit with.  

  • Detoxification Support courses which are all our courses that are there for those of you who want to dig deeper into natural healing in some way.  

Mindset Magic - Adults

This course will take you though a process to change how you think about eczema.  This is the starting point, prior to any of the other courses!  If you try to skip it you will slow down your progress later and will kick yourself for not heeding our warning!

Mindset Magic - Children

This course will take your child though a process to change how they see their eczema.  This program helps children understand the journey you are about to undertake and get them on board for an easier time!

Love Letter Directory

Each month between January 2020 and August 2023 we create a themed love letter to send out to members.  These are basically news letters created and sent with love.  You can access the full back catalogue and read through the different articles.

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What our community members want you to know...

We have hope again!

"We have been going through the course for about three weeks. There is so much helpful information! It has also helped us to think about some of the things that might be triggering her flare ups. We believe our daughter's skin is on its way to healing and are pleased with the progress, especially the confidence and hope that it is obvious is growing in her."

by Rochelle Chakraborty, USA

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