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Replenishing your medicine cabinet naturally

Upon moving into the world of healing naturally, we quickly realise that our medicine cabinets are filled with toxins. As the need comes about to replenish these items, it’s time to think about their natural alternatives. There is no perfect, set list of items for a natural medicine cabinet as it really depends on what your family finds effective and has a preference for using. Because of this, we decided to have some of the Eczema Expert team members share what their natural medicine cabinets are stocked with.


My husband is an aggressive inline skater, therefore I need to have things on hand to fix boo boos! For this I use essential oils, then once the wound is healed over I will switch to a cream. The other part of our medicine cabinet are cold and flu remedies, if either of us are dealing with a healing crisis then it’s likely to be seen as a runny nose, sore throat, blocked sinuses, headache etc. Again essential oils but some herbs come in handy too.

Tea tree essential oil - to clean wounds

Oregano essential oil - to kill any bacterial overgrowth on a wound that appears

On Guard/Thieves essential oil - to add to honey and hot water to drink at first sign of fever

Calendula Cream - to heal wounds on the skin (this can be put on open wounds to speed up healing)

Fever Breaking Tea - (equal parts of yarrow, elder flowers and peppermint)

Echinacea Root - to chew when feeling under the weather, this increases your white blood cell count to support healing


Natural remedies are so wonderful to have on hand. Sometimes I often wonder if there is a placebo effect at play, but my family seems to feel better knowing that I have given them something that will help. It’s often hard to get over our past mindset of a “pill for an ill”. When we have natural remedies to try, we can feel confident in their safety while knowing that they will be a benefit to our family.

Fruit! We always up our fruit consumption before heading into a

cabinet for options.

  • Fresh fruit and fresh juice popsicles

  • Juice Plus Fruit, Veggie, and Berry capsules and Dr. Morse Superfood Explosion are upped too. (Members can see the Natural Remedy Guide Program for more details)

Tissue salts - for all the things!

Epsom salts - anytime we take a bath but especially with fevers and colds

Essential oils - always great to have a variety for different purposes

Our favorites:

  • Lemon, lavender and peppermint roller - antihistamine (diffuse or roll on the back of the neck with any sniffles).

  • Peppermint - headaches

  • Lavender - bites and burns

  • Ginger - upset stomach

Manuka honey - with a high UMF, we eat spoonfuls of it and let it coat our throats

Colloidal silver gel - under the tongue if suspecting infection

Colloidal silver - on wounds topically

Bandaids (without antibiotic ointment in them)

Activated charcoal

Sinus rinse

Herbal teas

  • Nettle - antihistamine

  • Throat coat

  • Ginger - tummy troubles

  • Marshmallow leaf - digestion

Herbs (kidney and liver support) - always handy to have extras on hand and use when a healing crisis comes about

Arnica - bumps and bruises

Parasite M and teasel root tincture - for Lyme Disease


Our go tos for most things are essential oils. Our most used are listed below. I have made several blends in roller bottles and

keep a small kit in my purse in case of any boo boos that might happen when we’re out and about.

Essential oils - tea tree, lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense, oregano, clove, ginger, eucalyptus radiata, Thieves, Digize

Herbal teas - peppermint, elder, ginger, thyme

Rose hip honey - immune support (sweetener)

Garlic onion honey - immune support


Ice pack - BooBoo Bunny (a bunny made out of a wash cloth that holds an ice cube)

Warm packs

  • Small (white sock - add about 1.5 cups coarse sea salt and tie a knot to secure). Used for ear aches

  • Large (repurposed cotton pillow case - add about 1lb rice (buckwheat, dried beans, etc can also be used) and sew closed. Used for large muscles.

Calendula infused oil - skin irritations

Tissue Salts

Dead Sea Salt - achy feet, detox bath, sore muscle compress or soak

Pink himalayan salt - salt inhaler, mouth rinse (toothache)

This article was taken from the March 2022 edition of the Love Letter, a newsletter for Eczema Expert members which is sent out with love!

To learn more about this and other membership benefits, take a look at our website:

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