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Roots to Renewal

By Lauren Novak

A new year!! It is a milestone that makes us want to do things differently than we have been. We feel the urge to RENEW! The Mirriam Webster dictionary would define renew as “to make like new; restore to freshness”. We feel ready and motivated to make the changes that we have been thinking about the whole previous year.

Unfortunately, as quickly as the freshness of the new year starts to fade, often our resolutions and urges to renew ourselves fade quickly along with it. Just as we are working to get to the root of eczema for our families to provide long term health benefits, we need to get to the root of our resolutions to get them to stick. For me, that root was my daughter’s eczema!

What is really driving you to want to make changes in your life? Those roots that drive you are so important! Each year, I see everyone starting their special diets in January and I think about how thankful I am that eczema has been the root to shaping my life. It may be hard to see now when you are in the middle of your “dark” times in this hard season, but let this time of renewal be joyful in what eczema is growing for you. It is driving big, strong, sturdy roots down into the ground so that you can grow and flourish here, where you are planted. According to, “Trees that are watered regularly with an irrigation system don’t develop deep tap roots, while trees in the forest may develop them in an effort to receive enough water for survival.” Friends…

you are a tree in the forest! You may not be getting enough of what you need right now (sleep, rest, nutrition, etc), but that can be to your benefit. If you were being watered regularly, and didn’t have deep roots because of it, you would likely be uprooted in the next storm. How great is our God to give us exactly what we need and to sustain us through it. Just as Matthew 6:26 tells us that God provides for the birds, he provides for you, too.

When this storm seems like it is too much to endure, hope in the Lord and, as Romans 12:12 tells us, let this hope keep you joyful. When you survive the storm of eczema (and you will!), your roots will have grown down deep and not only will you have come out ready to face any adversity that comes your way but you will be ready to blossom!

This article was taken from the January Love Letter, a newsletter sent with love to all our supported members. If you’d like to read more about this and other membership benefits, take a look at our website:

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